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The advantages of Brushless motors
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The advantages of Brushless motors

Brushless motors with a fast response, large starting torque, from zerospeed to rated speed with rated torque can provide the performance, but the advantages of DC motor is also itsdisadvantage, since DC Confidential produce constant rated loadtransfer moment of performance, the armature and the rotormagnetic field required to maintain constant 90 °, which would beby brush and commutator. Carbon brush and commutator in the motor rotation will produce sparks, so in addition to the tonercomponents may cause damage, the use of limited occasions.

Stepper Motors involves a lot of expertise .

Stepper motor does not like a normal DC motor, AC motor usedin routine. It must be double-ring pulse signal, power driver circuit composed of the control system can be used. Now more commonly used, including stepper motor stepper motorreaction (VR), permanent magnet stepper motor (PM), hybridstepper motors (HB) and single-phase stepper motors.

Motor can also use other energy sources .

Hydraulic motor is also known as motor oil, mainly used ininjection molding machinery, ships, etc. from Yang. From the perspective of energy conversion, hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor is reversible work of hydraulic components,hydraulic fluid input to the work of any kind, can make into ahydraulic motor operating conditions; the other hand, when thehydraulic motor-driven rotary torque from the outside spindle, the hydraulic pump can be changed working conditions. Because they have the same basic structural elements - closed, but you cancycle the amount of oil and the corresponding institutions

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