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Brushless DC motor
  Series 2 150-1500W
  Series 6S 400-750W
  Series 6L 750-1500W
  Series 7S 1-3KW
  Series 7M 3-8KW
  Series 7L 8-15KW
Brushed DC motor
  S3 Brushed DC motor 80-150W
  S4 Brushed DC motor 150-300W
  S5 Brushed DC motor 300-540W
DC gear motor
  SEW in-Line gear unit
  Right angle gear unit
DC brake motor
  DC brake motor
DC motor controller
  DC motor controller
Other electrical products
  DC servo motor
  Variable speed motor
  Traction motor
         About EMP
Welcome to ELECTRIC MOTOR POWER PTY LTD a company specializing in the design, development and production of DC motors.


ELECTRIC MOTOR POWER PTY LTD (EMP P/L) commenced its operation in 1990 and is a wholly owned Australian company dealing with the design development and manufacture of D.C motors.
Our products include permanent magnet motors in metric & NEMA frames (brushed and brushless),   gear motors, controllers as well as  generators.
EMP supplies to numerous diverse industries including:
Electric bicycles
Solar water pumps
DC air-conditioners
Electric utility vehicles /trolleys
Industrial motors
Electric wheelchairs/scooters
Automatic doors
Boat winches
Agricultural equipment
Medical equipment
Portable air compressors
EMP  aims  to  provide  customers  with  top  quality  motion  ontrol solutions  from  either  stock  or     customized products and has over the years supplied customers with solutions,   whether in quantities of one or 000s per year.
EMP will continue investing in research and development of new products and try to stay at the front of new innovations regarding the DC motors and generators.
The company believes in a cleaner environment and sustainable energy consumption and this is the reason why we try to get the best efficiency possible from our products. We always strife to achieve this by using the best raw material possible.


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