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Brushless DC motor
  Series 2 150-1500W
  Series 6S 400-750W
  Series 6L 750-1500W
  Series 7S 1-3KW
  Series 7M 3-8KW
  Series 7L 8-15KW
Brushed DC motor
  S3 Brushed DC motor 80-150W
  S4 Brushed DC motor 150-300W
  S5 Brushed DC motor 300-540W
DC gear motor
  SEW in-Line gear unit
  Right angle gear unit
DC brake motor
  DC brake motor
DC motor controller
  DC motor controller
Other electrical products
  DC servo motor
  Variable speed motor
  Traction motor
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Welcome to ELECTRIC MOTOR POWER PTY LTD a company specializing in the design, development and production of DC motors.
ELECTRIC MOTOR POWER PTY LTD (EMP P/L) commenced its operation in 1990 and is a wholly owned Australian company dealing with the design development and manufacture of D.C motors. ...more
S3 Brushed DC Motor 80-150W
【S3 Brushed Dc Motor】
S4 Brushed DC Motor 150-250w
【S4 Brushed DC Motor】
DC Motor Controller
【DC Motor Controller】
Right angle gear motor
【Right angle gear motor】
S6S Brushless DC Motor 400-750W
【S6S Brushless DC motor】
S5 Brushed DC Motor 300-540W
【S5 Brushed DC Motor】
In-line gear motor
S7S Brushless DC motor
【S7S Brushless DC motor】
S7M Brushless Dc motor
【S7M Brushless Dc motor 】
S7L Brushless DC motor
【S7L Brushless DC motor 】
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